Monday, August 6, 2007

Pocono Cup Race

I love racing. No particular driver, I just love to watch. The passing is exciting... I find my feet tend to react to the race as if I was driving. :) I'm just back from the Cup race at Long Pond PA in the Poconos.

Getting there was easy. We took this back dirt road and got there in 2hours flat. The race was a blow out but still exciting. Of course we spent tooo much money. I picked up a hat and t-shirt for Penelope Pitstop. Last year we picked up a shirt and jacket for Talladega Nights. So I think this is becoming a habit.

Now leaving was a different story. We got stuck in a 2 hour long traffic jam which really put a bad end to a great day. Its such a shame that they wouldn't have better signs and police to help the thousands of fans. The funny thing was, people were sitting on their lawns watching us go by. My Dad thinks that they were out there to stop all the drivers from pulling onto their property and urinating on their property. I think they were out there to make money when people got lost and needed directions. :) Who's right?? Come on Pocono residents, leave a comment.

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Doug said...

Love Pocono. Especially since both my old employer and my new company have ties to the track. Thus, free tix when they are available.