Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Doctors Waiting Game

It should really be a crime to have to wait for over 2hrs in a doctors office when you have an appointment! Every doctor lately has huge wait times in the office on a regular bases. It can't always be emergencies and if it is your staff should make appointments with a bit a leeway just in case. Or if your office is running late, call your patients and say so. Be proactive about it. When I worked for an insurance office I used to know some of the offices really well and I heard so many excuses. That the price of malpractice insurance is so high I have to pack patients in the door just to make a living, or patients cancel so often I always double book and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.
And Don't Lie to Us.
I asked the girl when we got there about how long it would be, because my Grandmother had trouble sitting in hard chairs for very long. She said they were about 1/2 hour late because of emergencies. Well, I'm a talker, so I talked to the people in the waiting room. Everyone of them had already been there for over an hour and that they always have a couple hour wait. Unbelievable. When we finally saw the doctor I told him about it. He acted surprised and said he would talk to his staff but I don't believe him. If this was a doctor for me I would have left and told them why I was leaving.
Why do we put up with it?? How do they get away with treating us this way??? I never wait this long at a hair appt, are they better organized than doctors. A very scary thought!!

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