Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rest in Peace Spooky

Anyone that has had a pet and lost one knows what we are going through right now. Today I lost my kitten Spooky. She was only with us for a short time but became such a part of our lives I don't know how we will get by without her. Last night she seemed to be having trouble passing a hairball. She had diarrhea but no blood so I thought it would just pass. Tonight she seems tired and we were going to go to the vet at 10am when they opened. That is my biggest regret. I should not have waited. At 2:30am I checked on her and I think she was gone. I got my Dad and my husband & we drove to the Animal hospital where they confirmed that she had passed. They of course can't tell me what happened to her unless we do an animal version of an autopsy which I think they said was a necropsy. Now I don't know what to do. My husband & I can't stop crying. It seem to come in fits. She was such a good cat. We will probably never know what killed her but I want her to know, where ever she is right now that we love her and we're sorry. I've said before that I would never do it again. That I didn't want to have this pain again. But I keep trying to remind myself and my husband that the short time of pain we are having right now does not erase all the love, comfort and laughter little spooky brought to our lives.

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