Sunday, December 16, 2007

You should be ashamed...

I don't even know where to start I'm so pissed right now. My small business is closed on Sunday. The only day I'm home taking care of my home. 6 days I'm in the store trying to build it up, help customers and share my love of making things. My Grandmothers been doing it for 36 years. She's been robbed at gun and knife point over the years and she's never given up. Luckily no ones been hurt. So thats what I keep telling myself when things like today happen....Its Sunday so I was closed, but I went to give my Grandmother dinner and saw that some snot nose "Artists" decided to scratch their personal tags into my big store display window. Every single person who has ever done this should be ashamed of themselves. Business owners work very hard for the little they get. And when you do it to the subway or bus who do you think will pay for it. You and your family when the fares go up.
Tomorrow in the light I'll take pictures of it to post here.
Where do these people get off?!? And what can I do about it?? Nothing. I wanted to call the police, but what did my family say "it could get worse" just leave it. Just leave it!! Unfortunately it seems that thats the mentality. And thugs and thieves know it. Most people aren't gonna do anything about it. So I post here. I post here and hope that it will make me feel better to remind myself that no one was hurt... Except inside.

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Dani in NC said...

That sucks out loud!