Monday, March 10, 2008

Well that could be why I'm not pregnant....

First, a few years ago I had huge fibroids. I had the surgery and was told go try, everything looks great! Well nothing happened. Just went for some blood test and now I get this really professional sounding diagnosis "your thyroid is out of whack"!?! and to see an endocrinologist. Just great! Some women can have tons of kids when they barely try, abuse them and sometimes worse but I try and have nothing but problems! Why is nothing ever easy!?!

I guess its my own fault for waiting until I was in my 30's to start trying. I guess I should have done what some of my friends did and have kids right out of High School. Its not like I did anything with my life. I need to stop doing things for so many other people and live the way I dame well please.

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