Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Preparing for the worse....

This is another TMI entry so be warned.

So right now I'm nuclear...

This morning I went in to get my pill for my Thyroid Uptake & Scan. My appt was at 9am but at 9:15 they came out to say the technician wasn't in and they didn't know where he was. After waiting a while the radiologist told me to go home to wait and he would contact me once they found out what happened. At this point I was fuming. I hadn't eaten since the night before and I'm not a very patient person when I'm hungry. So I headed home and had a little to eat. Finally at 3pm they called me to come back.

The pill wasn't that bad, but the instructions were a bit of a shock. I can't kiss or sleep in the same bed as my husband for 3 days. I also shouldn't be within 3 feet from anyone because I'm giving of a low dose of radiation that could be harmful. I'm really not prepared for this, but I keep telling myself I'm only banished to the couch for 3 days.

But now on to my doom and gloom theory.

I have this sinking feeling I have cancer.

I know, I know I'm hearing it through the tubes. "Stop jumping ahead", "wait for the doctors to tell you that".

Well, I'll tell you why I think this way...
1. I smoked a lot for many years and my mom smoked around me growing up. I quit when I was 30 and now I'm 37.
2. My CA-125 is elevated. I've had a sonogram and a Hysterosalpingogram which showed I only have 1 tube.
3. I have a 7mm nodule on my thyroid. All the sites I look at say that only 1 usually means cancer. So I'm figuring the elevated CA-125 isn't anything in my ovaries that its my thyroid.

So tomorrow at 3pm I get scanned and I'm hoping they can tell me right away. Then on Friday I see an oncologist.

I'm just hoping what ever it is that it's caught in time. I want a baby so bad but that doesn't look like its in the cards so at least I'd like a long healthy life....


Terry said...

Don't panic ... From what I can find online CA125 is not really useful in patients not already known to have ovarian cancer as 97% of women with elevated levels do not have cancer.

The normal use apparently is monitoring the success of treatment i.e. a falling level means the treatment is working.

Also things like fibroids & other benign tumors cause elevated CA125 levels.

Not to mention other causes which have nothing to do with any kind of tumor.

CntrySigns said...

Thanks Terry, I sure hope its nothing.