Friday, May 30, 2008

The summer looks bleak....

Summer is usually a busy time. But this one seems to be shaping up to be a bit bleak. :(

Some of my favorite podcasts are either closing completely or taking the summer off. The Cup Car Update has decided to stop production because they just don't have the time. The same goes for Winginit 3d another Far Point Media production. Though it does look like some new stuff might be coming out from Mike in the video realm so keep an ear out. Then Technorama decided to stop regular production. They still will be coming out with special shows now and then, but its just not the same. :( Also... Beyond Reality Radio with Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters is taking some time off the radio show because of lack of time. SciFi channel is really burning them out with production schedules and traveling to promos.

Who's gonna be next?? :( Its even coming time for my shows to go on summer break. My daily dose of Ellen I will miss the most. It was what I watched at the end of the day as my chaser. Its a great way to clean out the crap of the day and go to sleep with happy thoughts. Ellen=Happy Thoughts. :) But I will have to wait until next season. :(

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