Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Glendale garbage is getting out of hand

I am so sick of garbage problems. It seems that my neighborhood is always getting dumped on.

First off, the corner garbage cans. Residence of Glendale are putting in bags of household garbage which fills them up fast. People keep putting garbage in and as it over flows the garbage blows down the street. Which means when sanitation inspectors come by they give tickets up and down the block. What a scam. I clean up 2-3 times a day and its never enough.

2nd, the city trees. People decide that either the green bags for water or the dirt are perfect places to dump their garbage. I always try to notice and pick it up but come on, who raised you??

3rd, NYC hired a contractor to clean out the weeds where the trees are that they planted. These people came by and did a great job, but then left the bag of weeds behind. Since it wasn't my pick up day Sanitation wanted to give me a ticket. Luckily my neighbor saw him out front and called me. I ran out and luckily was able to talk my way out of ticket. The Sanitation inspector was very nice about it and suggested that I call 311. So I did but I doubt anything will come of it.