Saturday, October 27, 2007

Eye see spots.....

OK OK maybe not the most original play on words... But if you haven't guessed, I've upgraded my Macbook to Leopard. The great spotted cat that replaced the great stripped one. So far so good. I'm online. :)

I decided to do a clean install. I could have upgraded but over the last year and a half I have installed a ton of programs, trials, beta's etc. and really wanted a clean slate. So I backed everything up.... twice.... just to be sure and now I'll start the process of adding programs back on.

First I installed iLife 08 and did a software update. So far so good. Then I installed Firefox and decided to blog a bit. :) In the background I'm importing all my mail from the backup I did (that will take a while)

So, my first impressions....
The box is nice, very small and I liked the hologram effect. The installation was flawless. Got the big green circle with the check mark about an hour after I started. The first thing I noticed was when you set up your account I didn't see any new icons. Come on Apple you couldn't have thrown in a few new ones. I am still an orange. I think I have been an orange since I got my first mac. So far I like the new finder. I guess Apple tried it out in itunes and liked the interface so much they extended it to finder. My airport extreme came up right away as did my husbands macs. So it looks like I have a long road ahead of me to re-install all my favorites. Oh and set up expose. I love expose... be continued

Day two:
Setting up my mail accounts was easier than tiger. Apple Mail automatically knew how to set them up after I told them my name and password. Or at least they thought they knew how. If your on AOL you won't be able to delete mail unless you make this change:
go into Mail-Preferences-Accounts-Mailbox Behaviors-AOL, then uncheck the box under the Trash option that says, "Move deleted messages to trash mailbox."
And I got my first circle with a slash through it. Adium... but even though it looks like it won't run... it does. sike! be continued

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