Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Talk about stress

Have you ever tried to apply for a grant? I volunteer for a non profit organization, which of course has no money. A few years ago a past president received a grant from an organization so now that I am president I had to fill out the forms.... Make 24 copies of it.... make 2 CD's with sample music.... form a budget for something that isn't gonna happen until summer '08.... I could go on, but basically its been 2 weeks of this crap and I've about had it. I'm turning it in tomorrow with my fingers crossed. But isn't there an easier way?? I went threw a ton of paper and ink! I am so far behind with everything else in my life this better be worth it!! To all my podcasts, my laundry, my dirty dishes, even my husband. Its almost done, I'll be back soon! Miss ya!! :)

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