Monday, October 1, 2007

Why I am an ass! Today :)

Well, its official. I'm an ass. I was in Barnes & Noble yesterday and I saw an actor. Not just any actor but one that was hot!! And I couldn't remember what show he was on or what his name was. It was years ago that I would have seen him, maybe on a soap or a movie, but now because I didn't have the guts to go up to him its driving me crazy to figure out who he was. Black or dark brown hair, Shaggy and a pout. I think the reason I didn't want to go up to him would be because I would have turned 20 shades of red. I turned red just telling my husband. He kept pushing me to go up to him but I was terrified I would make a fool out of myself.

I figured out who he is. The more I thought about it, I kept remembering the pout and that he was on Days of our Lives. So I went searching and found out he played Tanner and his name is Michael Easton. WOW Here is his website . I feel bad for his wife, she is georgeous, but image women like me always going up to your husband.

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