Monday, February 18, 2008

Review of Numbers League

The first thing I got excited about was a card game. I know, there are tons of collectible card games out there but this one looked fun and educational. Its a set of cards called Numbers League. the educational part is math. But the fun part is a little hard to explain. This is from their web site
" Numbers League - Adventures in Addiplication is a stand alone superhero themed card game where your basic math skills can save the day. The more you play the sharper these skills will become until no villain is safe from your numerical onslaught." What I liked is when you line up a head, a body and feet it makes a super hero name. So you can mix and match heads on different bodies to get different points and skills along with some fun names. The characters made me think of the Maximo game for some reason.
Here is a head, body and feet combo.


Chris said...

Glad you got excited about our game (and yes, we do google our own name from time to time). It was a great experience for us at the Toy Fair. It was also our first. We are a very small company, but we felt that we really got noticed at that show and look forward to doing it again next year. Thanks for the mention.

-Chris Pallace from Bent Castle Workshops

CntrySigns said...

We bought 2 sets of the game at Toy Fair and have them in my Shoppe (Cooks Crafts) so hopefully you'll be hearing from us soon to buy more! I also have your poster in my window.