Saturday, May 31, 2008

A night at the Theater....

For the last few weekends, my husband and I have been at the movies. The Regal at Atlas Park to be exact. A piece of Florida away from Florida. But the place is very under staffed. Each weekend we see the opening blockbuster to have a good time. But it turns into stress. Stress that shouldn't happen when you're going to have fun. Going to the movies has become like going to the airport. You need to arrive 2 hours before the start just to make sure you get to sit together. The place is all staffed with kids who don't care or security that look like they would fall over like a feather.

For all the people that were there, there were only 3 people working the concession and when I finally got to order my Ice Tea was like water, I traded for coke and it tasted flat so I settled on lemonade that was way too sweet. We spend a lot of money for tickets and food and its really a disappointment. Do they just not understand crowd control? How many big movies have played there and you still can't handle it! Its just a shame. I am praying for the day when the DVD comes out the same day as the movie. I would be willing to pay more and be able to sit home and I don't think I'm alone.

Sex and the City was very good. I hope they don't do a sequel. I won't ruin anything but I was satisfied. I will say it was not a movie for little kids. There was a 10 year old behind us and everytime there was a nude scene the mother screamed, "cover your eyes!" WTF!?!?! There there was a baby that started crying and the mother had to take the child out. Come on! I'm really sick and tired of it. These parents should be reported for child abuse. They don't have good enough judgment to have a child.

It comes down to people not treating others the way they would like to be treated. They think nothing about inconveniencing others....

One picture of the craziness here. The rest are on flicker.

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