Saturday, May 3, 2008

The whole house shook......

Well, this actually happened a few days ago but it's been a bit crazy so now I'm playing catchup.

On Tuesday I had planned a full day. Oncologist in the morning and biopsy in the afternoon. Well at 8:20 in the morning I was watching the Today show and brushing my cat when if felt like someone hit the bottom of my bed with a bat..hard. I looked outside but didn't see anything. A few minutes later I went down to open up my shoppe and just as I opened the door I started hearing the sirens. So what happened you ask? A car crashed into the cleaners a few doors away from me. You can see a video and read the news about it

I didn't want to leave the house for my appointment just in case there was any evacuations etc. So I now won't get to see the oncologist until June 17th! Such a long time but oh well.

I was able to make the 5pm biopsy appointment which was not fun. I found out I don't only have 1 nodule on my thyroid I have 2. 1 was easy to biopsy but the 2nd was harder to get to. Needless to say tears were involved. :(

So now I wait....

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