Saturday, August 7, 2010

Childhood Memories and Junk

Wow do I have a lot of Junk!

I used to live with my Grandmother before I moved in with my husband years ago. All of my stuff is still in my room in her apartment. Since she passed away in April we have had the task of going though her stuff and deciding what to keep, what to toss and what to try and sell. Plus I need to finally grow up and get rid of some of my old toys, magazines and stuffed animals. Not because I want to but because I don't have the room for it all and really don't want to get another storage room for it all. Today I went through my bookcase. I have a ton of romance novel paper backs that I'm gonna bring down to the library next chance I get. The magazines are crazy! I have/had and very odd wide range of likes. On the same shelf I found:
  • Nintendo Powers from the 90's
  • Games Magazines from the 80's
  • National Geographic World Magazines from the 80's
  • Deaf Life from the 90's
  • Silent News form the 90's
  • Realms of Fantasy (I have the 1st one from 94) Its well warn and was read though many times :)

Part of me wonders if I should try to sell them, another wants to find a way to store them and then lastly I just want to chuck everything.

What do you think??