Saturday, August 28, 2010

My "On the Record" Prediction for 9/1

Wednesday September 1st 2010 Apple will have a press conference to announce some new products that I of course will try and buy at least some of them. But, since Apple is Apple we don't really know what they are gonna say. All of us fans are scanning the internet, reading all the predictions and hoping to get what we want. So as usual I will go on record with what I am hoping for.

1. An iPod Touch with the updated screen and 2 cameras
a. Why do I think this? Well, in the last press conference Steve announced that face-time would be on other platforms so I assume he meant the Touch.
b. They will probably be higher priced maybe starting at $299 but I hope not.
2. I'm hoping they will announce Garageband for the iPad. Since the invite was a guitar and thats the icon for garageband it fits. :)
3. They may also announce an iPad with facetime cameras but doubtful at this time, maybe later in the year.
4. For some reason I think the nano will also be updated. Somewhere I heard Apple was making a tiny screen. This maybe to make the nano a touch device.
5. I still think there will be a third portable touch screened size device. The iPad is the large and the iPhone/Touch is the small. There should be something in the middle. They may make the new iPod Touch a little bigger or they will have a new device. I'd say half the size of the iPad would be a good idea. The other option for the 3rd size could be the nano I mentioned in #4

Or I could be all wrong as in the past. Either way, Wednesdays announcements will most assuredly cost this family some money.

UPDATE: 8/31
They announced they will be streaming the event live so now I want to add that they are announcing a music streaming service.