Saturday, January 17, 2009

What I miss from my Palm TX....

What I miss from my Palm TX that I really hope I can get on my ipod Touch (here in referred to as the iTouch, which really should have been its name but thats a different post for another day)

- Alchemy - You had to place a piece on a board kind of like uno. You had to match the color or symbol. It was easy in the beginning but when 2 pieces had to connect it got hard fast.
- Cake Mania - Build cakes to take care of customers and make money.
- Bounce Out - move balls around to have 3 so they would bounce out of the board.
- Candy Train - A train is chugging along a track, you need to move it around the board to pick up the next cars. When you get the caboose you then have to maneuver it to the station.
- NoMess - each round puts 3 random characters on a board. You need to move them so you get 5 in a row for them to disappear.
- Plant Tycoon - Making different plants to find 4 magical plants. Similar to the Fish Tycoon that is on the iTouch but I like Plant Tycoon better
- ShapeShifter - Carnaval setting where you have to drag pieces on to a moving board. The goal is to fill in the whole board before time runs out.
- Tot's & Togs - you are running a clothing store. You need to lay out the store and buy clothing that will or won't sell. 
One thing I will miss is that my apps were listed alphabetically on the palm. Also it had wifi, bluetooth and IR. 

So - iTouch owners. Please post here any games you found similar to the ones above that I should try. Below is a list of what I use most on my iTouch now.

 - AppSnipper - Tells you the apps on sale and all the new apps in the iTunes app store. It also will follow a program you ask it to watch and lets you know when the price is where you want it.
 - Units - convert any measurements - So far this is the best one I've found, but I know there are a lot
 - ShopShop - Shopping list program - still not everything I want but it will do. I guess my dream app would be one that let me have a closet and a fridge and let me list what's in it. Then lets me add items from there into my shopping list. When its checked off the list it goes back where it came from. Why do I want this, well, sometimes I'll see something new in the store and not remember if I have what goes with it at home or not. 
 - 1Password - Need I say more, this program has saved my but more than once.
 - Mancala - move your marbles around the board until yours are all done getting the most in your pile. 
 - Topple - an odd take on tetris
 - Gemlogic - I tried the Free version and loved it so much I bought it. It's like bejeweled but as you advance you get more rows and columns making it harder. You can also switch gems anywhere on the board. 
 - TikiTowers - Build a tower, let the monkeys go. If they survive your tower you move on.
 - Newsstand - So far the best rss reader I've found. I use google reader to collect all my feeds so using the google app works too but Newsstand gives you more options on what you want to do with a feed. 
 - Tweetie - Twitter app (duh) :)

I of course have tons of other apps but these are my must haves. Put some of your must have in the comments. 


Anonymous said... has some that seem similar to Cake Mania and Tots & Togs is actually UNO on the iPhone (Alchemy)

Bounce Trap might work for some of the BounceOut thrills:

For the Tycoon thing, there's Fish Tycoon: and Urban Tycoon:

But really, why not go for the original: SimCity:

For Word games, there's really nothing better than the imangi games:

CntrySigns said...

2 and a half years later and one of my wishes came true. Candy Train was ported over to the iOS platform. YEA!